We have experienced musicians who have grade 8 certifications in a wide range of instruments. Our team have written music for Film, TV, Adverts and Games. We can compose music for all genres whilst working closely with you to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer different packages to suit your required needs.

Music Production

We have producers with experience in sound production, Ableton certification and an degrees in sound production. We have young talented producers looking to generate equity from their talents as producers. They have experience in various genres such as House, D&B, Dubstep, Techno and many more.

We provide a wide range of packages offering a variety of genres. We also provide a Make the Artist package which offers artist guidance in order to develop individual artist identity. The package includes music production and complete mixing and mastering, as well as providing opportunities for promotion, live shows and radio play. This is the complete package to get you where you want to be.

We also offer packages for bands and musicians seeking mixing and mastering services. We take direct instructions of the frequency and artefacts you require.

Circuit also offers ghost production packages to suit DJ’s looking to have their own artist identity. Ghost production services are offered from young talented producers and music professionals that we have recruited. Our specially selected producers provide a high quality service at a competitive rate. We also have service from producers with experience in music for Hip Hop, RnB and Trap music, for rappers and Mc’s looking for beats.

Sound Design

We offer sound design for atmospheres and sound effects in games and films to enhance immersion for the player or viewer, Our professional sound equipment, studios and knowledge of software such as Pro Tools, Ableton will give you the results you are looking for. We also have extensive knowledge and experience in audio programming and using audio Middleware, programs such as FMOD studio and Wwise, Unreal Engine and Unity. Our combined knowledge and experience will give you the quality assurance for competitive prices.

We also offer Sound Restoration and Audio Enhancement for unwanted background sounds such as traffic, rustling etc. We remove the sound while keeping the clarity, audibility and quality. We can also enhance the quality of an audio recording from old media, such as VHS tapes, cassettes or vinyl. We offer the most competitive rates around the market for these services.

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Mobile Djing

Circuit offers Mobile DJing services in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We recruit experienced DJs for weddings, birthdays and functions, you name it, we will be there. We offer stylish and modern mobile disco packages tailored to fit a range of ages and styles. We offer music from all decades from the 60’s to the present. Circuit DJ’s will have their own equipment with different packages to suit all your budgets.

Equipment hire

We also offer DJ Equipment Hire for Dj’s.

Equipment we offer

  • 2x Pioneer CDJ2000
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ900
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 400
  • 2x Pioneer CDJ 400
  • Pioneer CDJ 600
  • Pioneer CDJ 500


We offer a range of samples from One Shots, Drums Loops, Vocal, Bass, Synth and Loops. You can click on our sound design samples for Foley/Field and ADR recordings. We offer our sample a fraction of the price our competitors are offering. Starting £0.69 per sample.

Presets & Templates

We offer presets for Serum, Massive, Spire to enhance your production for any musical genres. We make our own Ableton and Logic Pro templates to get you started for your own production.

You can find these on soundcloud


Circuit have monthly events in various locations around the city of Edinburgh and the Lothians. We aim enrich electronic music production in Edinburgh, and we aim to create community and culture for music producers, by giving a platform to showcase the talents of unsigned Scottish producers.

Sessions & Tutorials

We offer guidance, support and classes, giving you one to one and online tutorials to assist producers and sound designers reach their full potential.

We have classes to teach Djing for anyone aspiring to be a DJ and we cater for your proffered genre. Once we have trained you up, we offer you work at our events, mobile DJing contracts and our list of contacts of external club promoters We offer these services at competitive rates giving a starting block to those interested in electronic music.

About Me

Circuit is an agency specializing in all forms of audio. Circuit is a Hub where you can find all things in sound and audio. Circuit was founded in 2016 by Richard Kennedy aiming to create culture for music producers, sound designers, DJ’s and creative people in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Richard has extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of sound and audio and Richard has experienced this first hand the shortage of work in Edinburgh. Circuit was founded to support consumers, producers and businesses in the creative sector.

Circuit is here to help music producers, sound designers, sound editors, film directors, game developers, videographers or even just the people interested in having an excellent DJ at their party. We want to give the recognition that creative people deserve and we do this by recruiting experienced people to do the job, by creating events for talented people to showcase their music or by teaching a passionate aspiring DJ or Producer the knowledge they need to move forward. We pride ourselves on our work and the results mean more to us than the salary. This is why we offer competitive prices as we aim to enrich the creative industries to give employment for artistic talents around Scotland.

We understand the issues faced when trying to locate audio for films, games and television. We understand that you might be a great musician but you struggle to grasp production, however you have ambitions to have an electronic element in your music, we can support you with that. We understand that you might be a great producer but you struggle with music theory, we are here to help and support any needs. We are here to be your Circuit for sound and audio.

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